Daily Cleaning Tips for Glass Induction Cooktops

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Daily Cleaning Tips for Glass Induction Cooktops

cleaning an glass induction cooktop

If you want to have an extraordinary experience when cooking, get a glass induction cooktop. This cooktop is easy to maintain and clean compared to gas or electric stoves. The main reason why you should get this induction cooktop is that even if the food spills over, it won’t harden on the surface since the cooking vessel tends to be fairly cool. It is also important to ensure you have the appropriate cleaning materials. Check the manufacturer’s manual to check the recommended cleaners. Also, be sure to clean the cooktop before starting to use it. Here are the daily cleaning tips for glass induction cooktops.

Things You Will Require to Clean Glass Induction Cooktops

• Paper towel
• Clean cloths
• Ceramic cooktop cleaner
• White vinegar
• Single-edged blade or cooktop scraper
• Cooktop cleaning pad

Daily Induction Cooktop Cleaning

· For you to clean your induction cooktop, ensure it is completely cool if you were using it. You will then take a damp sponge or towel to remove any cooking spills.
· The next step is to use a stove cleaner spray. Shake the glass cooktop cleaner gently and dab or pour a small amount on your cooktop. Use a paper towel to rub your cooktop gently and generously smear the cleaner over the whole surface. You can also use a sponge or microfiber cloth with little vinegar if you do not possess a stove cleaner spray.
· The last step is to use a dry cloth and wipe off all the cleaners. This will leave your induction cooktop sparkling clean.

Deep Clean Your Induction Cooktop Using the Following Tips

· After your induction stove is cool, pour some vinegar on a soft cloth and clean all the hard water spots on your cooktop.
· The next step is to clean using a stove cleaner spray. You will apply some cooktop cleaner generously on the parts with hardened residue. Rub these parts using a cooktop cleaning pad and repeat this procedure if necessary.
· If your glass induction cooktop has thick residues, use a single-edged razor or a ceramic cooktop scraper. Apply pressure carefully and gently to ensure you do not damage your cooktop. Scrape off the residue and discard it.
· Finally, use a paper towel and a stove cleaner spray to clean the surface. Use a dry cloth to rub off the excess cooktop cleaner. After you have cleaned the induction cooktop, enjoy working on a clean space more efficiently.

Important Tips

If your glass induction cooktop has parts made of stainless steel, use stainless steel cleaner to do the cleaning and a nonabrasive piece of cloth and then dry them. To prevent any scratches, clean the stainless steel found on the grain. Scrape off any spatters to prevent huge residues from building up.


It is dangerous to use abrasive, caustic, and flammable cleaners when cleaning your glass induction cooktop. Avoid any cleaner that has ammonia or bleach since it will destroy your cooktop. Also, consider not using a scouring or scrubbing agent which is not designed for glass induction cooktops. Do not forget to use the above-discussed tips when cleaning your cooktop.