How To Quickly DeClutter A Closet

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How To Quickly DeClutter A Closet


We have all had times when we needed to sort out our closets. It could be motivated by running out of space, changing the wardrobe, or even just needing to get rid of some items. The task of decluttering the closet is not an easy one. It can be very time-consuming. This article will guide you on how to declutter in an organized and quick manner.

The first step is to identify the categories of items in your closet for decluttering. You can group them into several categories. These can be clothes you intend to keep, the ones for donating, those that need to go to the trash, and the one4s you want to resell. Another category is the one for clothes you are not sure if to keep or discard. This classification is very crucial when you want to make organized decluttering.

The next step is to gather all the necessary supplies. These will include storage bags, boxes, crates, or even garbage bags. Be sure to label all bags correctly. The labels can be as brief as keep, donate, trash, resell, and maybe tags. These will guide you on where to keep the clothes from your closet.

The third step is putting the clothes in their respective bags and rearranging the closet. After clearing your closet of all items, take the clothes you intend to keep and fold them to your liking. You can arrange them according to color, function, or weather. You can also organize according to the type of clothing like skirts, trousers, shirts, sweaters, and dresses. When it comes to putting the items in your closet, ensure you organize them well.

After rearranging the clothes that you will keep, sort the maybe category. In sorting out those clothes, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Do the clothes fit? When was the last time you wore it? Does it have any sentimental value or meaning? Can it go with other items you have kept? And finally, are you comfortable wearing it?

After sorting the maybe category, look at the items you cant get rid of and look at ways to recycle the sentimental items. You can also choose to donate them to a group that will make your item feel appreciated. Get rid of the other clothes immediately. This step is critical as you might start returning some clothes in your closet, and this can take your progress back.

The final step is to have a plan on how to keep your closet organized moving forward. You can employ the method of taking out items after buying new ones. You can also start a culture of always donating clothes you no longer need. Up-cycling clothes you do not need to become washcloths or use them in other ways can also help your closet to stay decluttered and organized.