How to Clean an Oven Glass Door Without Any Chemicals!

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How to Clean an Oven Glass Door Without Any Chemicals!


When you cook in your oven, there will likely be some kind of food that gets on the glass door at some point. Before there’s a buildup that forms, there are a few ways to keep the glass clean so that you can see inside to make sure your food is cooking as it should. The best thing is that you don’t have to use chemicals on the glass, keeping the inside of your oven as safe as possible.

Pantry Ingredients
A simple way to clean an oven glass door using items that you probably already have in your pantry is to mix baking soda and vinegar. This is a good solution for grease that’s already beginning to build upon the door. The first thing you’ll do is sprinkle enough baking soda on the glass to cover the surface. Next, you’ll use a spray bottle to apply vinegar to the baking soda. Wait until the two ingredients begin to fizz before wiping the surface with warm water. You can also use soap and warm water to ensure that all of the baking soda and vinegar is removed.

Another option is to use vinegar and cornstarch. This creates more of a paste that’s left on the glass so that it can make cleaning the oven door a bit easier. You want to wait about 20 minutes after applying the cornstarch and vinegar paste before you wipe the surface.

Dish Products
Combine a cup of lemon juice and a tablespoon of cornstarch in a small pot. You only need to heat the ingredients together instead of bringing them to a boil. Once the mixture is cool, add a teaspoon of dish soap. Put the mixture on the oven door, letting it sit for about 20 minutes before cleaning. You can use just about any dish soap that you like or that you have on hand. However, brand names tend to work a little better than store brands as they don’t have as much water in them.

Simple is Sometimes Better
If you don’t want to use a lot of ingredients, then simply put baking soda on the oven door and let it sit before cleaning it with warm water. You can use a scouring pad to get built-up grease off of the door after the baking soda has sat on the glass for about 20 to 30 minutes for the best results.