How to Clean Your Dryer and Prevent Fires

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How to Clean Your Dryer and Prevent Fires

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Dryer fires happen due to the mistakes people make when cleaning them. A dirty one is also more likely than not to blow up. The only way to avoid such tragedies is to ensure that you correctly clean your dryer. It is simple as long as you know what you are doing. This article aims to provide you with tips that you can use to clean a dyer properly.

1. Always Clean the Lint Trap
The dryer filter is the first element that you should clean. Most people forget or ignore to clean it, but this should not be the case. The filter protects the vent that allows the moist air from the dryer to get out. When the filter has clogged with lint, the air rarely gets out, which can be dangerous.
The lint is flammable, and if it continues to build up, it will only take a slight mistake before it blows up. Besides, a dyer generates heat when running, and it may light up the link, thereby causing a fire. The lint will also prevent your clothes from getting dried up quickly since the moist air is not escaping as required.
Therefore, ensure you sufficiently wipe the lint. Use warm water, dish soap, and an old toothbrush to do this. Do not use fabric as it can leave some wax on your filter and prevent the smooth flow of the air.

2. Clean the Air Vent
Before fitting the filter back to the vent, ensure you clean the vent. Even though the filter collects more dirt, it does not mean that some cannot go down to the vent. It is mainly clogged with Legos, lint, and gum wrappers that are not supposed to be there. Ensure you remove them.
Do this using a narrow hose attachment that can cover the whole of it. This cleaning can be done once or twice a year to ensure that the dryer is in great shape, can function well, and avoid the possibility of fires.

3. Blast the Vent Tubes
A vent tube is a huge sliver tube emerging from your dyer and goes into the wall. Its purpose is to carry all the moist air from the dryer to the outside. It also needs to be cleaned at least once per year, like the vent. You must first disconnect it from the wall and from the dryer to clean it. Then wash it using warm, sudsy water, and dry it before installing it back.

4. Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning can be done after eighteen months and by a professional. It involves cleaning the dryer’s motor and other mechanical parts that someone with no expertise cannot handle. To do this, you must do the following.

• Disconnect the dryer from its electricity source.
• Remove the screws and take off the back panel.
• Wipe any lint or dirt that may have clogged on its parts.
• Return the back panel and use new screws to tighten it up.

The above tips can help you wash your dryer correctly and avoid fires.