How to Clean My Homes Air Ducts

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May 15, 2022
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How to Clean My Homes Air Ducts

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A well-maintained and clean air duct system is an important aspect of living a healthier life. It filters the air in the home and prevents allergens and pollutants from entering. To ensure that this system remains functional, homeowners should periodically inspect it for dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and clumps of pet hair. It is also important to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning air conditioning vents as they can reach areas other cleaners cannot. Steps to clean my homes air ducts include:

Step 1: Assemble the tools and equipment necessary to clean your home’s air ducts. These include:

• A broom or shop vac with a vacuum attachment and hose.
• A flashlight.
• Cleaning gloves.
• A stiff wire brush or a narrow wood dowel.

Step 2: Move any furniture that obstructs the cleaning process out of the way so that they do not take up time while you are working on the vents and vents. Determine where you will begin cleaning by locating where dirty sheets were left in the dryer or in an area where damp clothing is often stored in closets, cabinets, or shelves. Use the flashlight to shine it on the mold, dust, and other present debris.

Step 3: Locate the locations of all the vents within your home and inspect them for any pet hair or small bits of material that may have managed to remain in their interior crevices during cleaning activities. Vacuum out any chunks of pet hair that have gotten stuck in these openings and use a broom to sweep up any loose debris found in these areas and around the main ducts.

Step 4: Inspect the holes in the bottom of the air ducts located on the floor for any dirt or other debris that may have ended up inside them. Use either a vacuum or your broom to clear out these areas and shake out any fluffy pet hair stuck within them.

Step 5: Remove any mold, dust, or hair in these areas by wiping them with a cloth dampened with warm water and chlorine bleach. Rinse the area with clean water and blot it with a clean towel to ensure no wet bleach remains on the surface.

Step 6: Using a stiff wire brush or narrow dowel, clean out all the scratches and holes inside the ducts. Use a flashlight to inspect the vents for any broken or missing metal, which could be hazardous if not repaired immediately.

Step 7: Finally, use a shop vac or light vacuum with a strong air hose to clean all dust, lint, dirt, and other debris from your home’s air ducts. This helps ensure that the air inside your home is cleaner and safer to breathe.

Eliminating dirt and pet hair from your air vents is important for maintaining a healthy home for yourself, your loved ones, and your pets. Finding time to clean these ducts properly does not have to be a large undertaking when you include it among the many other tasks you require.