How To Get Rid Of That Cigarette Smell In A Home

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June 12, 2022
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How To Get Rid Of That Cigarette Smell In A Home

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It is hard to imagine the smell of cigarettes in your house. Many people know there must be a way to eliminate this cigarette smell, as it is incredibly annoying and hard to eliminate in one day. If you are wondering how to eliminate the smell, you can use many different solutions, such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Some people have found that using a humidifier or an ionizer seems like the best option to eliminate the cigarette smell. But, many people have also tried using an air purifier because these tools do not use chemicals and can be easily used for other things besides getting rid of cigarette smoke smells. An air purifier consists of a fan, an air filter, and an ionizer.

How To Get Rid Of That Cigarette Smell In A Home.

I found several solutions on the internet: baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, clean the air filter (which I didn’t do!), and smoke-free air ionizers. So I am going to share with you my personal experience and advice on how to get rid of that nasty cigarette smell.
First of all, let’s review ways to get rid of cigarette smell:

Put a bowl under the fan and open the window as much as possible.

Clean the air filter one time per week. It is also essential. Do not forget to remove air filters with your hands when not in use. Make sure paper, magazines, or other things are not on the air filter!

Put a smoke-free ionizer in every room. You will find the solution very effective. Smoke-free ionizers have been a great help to me so far.

Put vinegar in a spray bottle. Make sure you have an empty spray bottle at hand, then spray vinegar all over your house once or twice daily. You need to do this exercise every day for at least a week; then, the cigarette smell will be gone for sure!

Baking soda is another alternative to vinegar. Mix the baking soda with water and put the mixture on carpets and all over your house. Remove the mixture after a few hours. Do this once every day or twice per day. Make sure you have enough baking soda at hand. Don’t forget to air your house after you apply the baking soda mixture!

Open all the windows in your house and shut off all electric appliances. It is advisable to leave the windows open for one whole night, especially if it is a hot summer night. This way, you can get rid of cigarette smells effectively. If it is not so hot outside, you should repeat this once weekly until the cigarette smell is gone for good!

Put lemon juice on every carpet. Lemon juice is highly effective and will make your house smell good. You must do this every day for at least a week; then, you will be sure that every room in your house is entirely cigarette free. Lemon juice has also been suggested as one of the best ways to eliminate the cigarette smell from carpets. So I would recommend using lemon juice on carpets along with this article if you need help to eliminate cigarette smells!

Put a bowl under the fan and open the window as much as possible. Open all electric appliances in the house and leave them to shut off until you finish cleaning around them.