How To Clean Your House More Efficiently

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How To Clean Your House More Efficiently

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When you are planning to clean your house efficiently, you can use these steps to get the job done quickly, save time, and save money on cleaning supplies. You should try to complete these steps in order, or you can remove any steps that might not apply to your home.

Gather All Your Cleaning Supplies

You need cleaning supplies for the windows, surfaces, floors, and carpets. You should have something that sweeps hardwood floors, a broom, vacuum, and paper towels or cloths that will be used for cleaning. When you bring all your cleaning supplies together, you will not spend most of your time running around the house looking for something you need.

Start Your Laundry

You can start your laundry before you do everything else, and you should take a couple of breaks to move your laundry to the dryer and add a new load to the washer.

Start By Sweeping

You should start by sweeping all the floors in the house. You can push any debris from your tables and counters onto the floor. You can sweep up all this debris, and you can throw out all this debris when you are done sweeping.

Clean The Hardwoods And Vacuum

You can clean the hardwood floors with your special cleaning solution, or you can vacuum the carpets. Some people only have carpets or hardwoods, and you can leave out one of these steps. If you have a mix of hardwoods and carpets, you should do all the hardwoods first. Some of the debris might be swept onto the carpets, and you can vacuum the carpets after the fact.

If you have the option to lower the height on your vacuum, you should lower it as much as possible. You can vacuum your hardwoods in some instances, and this might be easier than using a dustpan.

Clean The Surfaces

You can quickly clean and wipe down all the surfaces in the house. You can easily wipe down all the counters and tables in the house. You can go into the bathrooms to wipe down those surfaces, and you can quickly clean the toilets when you go into each bathroom.

Clean All The Glass

You can quickly spray all the glass and windows in the house, and you can wipe them down in moments. There are quite a few glass surfaces in the house that need to be cleaned only when you are done with everything else. You might think that you need to clean the windows as you go into each room.

It takes time to wipe down the windows and ensure that there are no streaks. Leaving this job for the end of the process will ensure that you are not wasting time standing in front of your windows.

You Can Clean Your House Faster Than Ever

Using these tips will ensure that your home is cleaned very quickly. You can move on to other tasks that you need to complete during the day, and you can live in a perpetually clean house.