How TO Safely Launder Your Face Masks

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How TO Safely Launder Your Face Masks

It is good to follow the right steps when washing your face mask. There are high chances they may have developed hard stains or germs have fallen on them. Always ensure you take caution when washing them. You can either use a washing machine or wash it by hand. When using a laundry machine, you should follow your laundry use instructions.

The fabrics sued to make the mask will have instructions to be followed when washing the face mask. Use the regular laundry detergent then set the highest temperature allowed for the fabric. It is good to set high temperature so that it can kill the germs. Here are some of the steps you can follow to wash the mask by hand:

Use the right bleach
You can sue the bleach if the fabric can be washed in bleach. Be careful because some fabrics may get damaged if you use strong bleach. Mix the bleach well, then soak the mask. It is good to soak it for a few minutes so that it can kill the germs. The longer the soaking period, the higher chances the detergent will kill the germs. Check the bleach to ensure it is in good condition. Sometimes you may get an expired bleach. It will not be effective; hence it is essential to check on the expiration date before you can proceed to mix the detergent.

Soak for about five minutes
It is good to soak the fabrics for about five minutes before you can start washing. The detergents will penetrate the fabrics and help in breaking down the dirt. Use a powerful detergent that will kill the germs. In most cases, the detergents available will kill the germs. Allow for about five minutes so that the germs can die. Remember, you would like to kill the germs, and the detergent’s application will make it easy to kill the germs.

Rinse thoroughly
You would like to have fresh masks after washing. The detergents may have a harsh smell that you would not like to have when wearing the mask. Ensure you rinse thoroughly using clean water. The freshwater will remove the detergent residue from the mask. It is a process you can follow to enjoy the best experience as you work on the detergent cleaning process. Always ensure you are using clean water. You can rise several times to ensure the mask will remain clean. Ensure you have enough water before you start washing the mask.

Allow drying well
The mask should then be allowed to dry. You can air dry it in a well-ventilated area. The mask should be exposed to dry moving air so that it can dry fast. If you have a dryer, you can as well apply the dryer to dry it. The dryer will remove the moisture from the mask. If you chose to dry it on air, you should ensure that the line where you hang it is clean. You can then iron the mask and have it ready for the next outdoor wear.