How to Organize a Closet

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How to Organize a Closet


How to organize a closet is a question that most people will ask at one time or another in their lives. Whether you’re a teen with a lot of friends who are constantly asking where their stuff is or you’re an adult who needs to find a place to store clothes and shoes so you can wear a skirt instead of a pair of jeans, an organization can be very important. One way to get your closet organized is to use shelves, which are commonly used in many homes. Here are some tips on how to organize a closet using shelves:


First, decide whether you want to declutter the entire closet or just certain areas. Decluttering a room is usually much easier than organizing a closet, which is why most people choose to Declutter-ize rather than declining. Decluttering a room is a much quicker process because everything is already in one place, unlike when you’re dealing with several items all over the place. You can also have a much easier time cleaning and organizing clothes and accessories if they are all put in their proper places.


If you are going to clutter the closet, start by separating the different types of clothing, shoes, accessories, and other things in the closet. Then decide whether you want to hang all of your clothes from hangers or hang them on shelves. Hanging your clothes from hangers will make it easier to organize the hangers and also help the items stay wrinkle-free.


When storing clothes and accessories on shelves, it’s a good idea to group similar items together like hangers, belts, or shoes. When you hang similar items from the same hangers, it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for when you need it. This makes it very easy to go into your closet and find the exact thing you need, rather than having to search through a bunch of boxes or go to several different closets to find the exact item you’re looking for. Storing similar items together also helps you make room for new items by making each shelf has enough space to hold at least one more item.


Another way of making the most of your storage options is to use storage bins. There are plenty of storage bins that you can buy or make yourself. These can be used to put away small accessories, shirts, pants, or even baby items like towels. Bins can be placed high up so that little hands can reach them, or they can be put away low to the ground so that pets or children can’t get at them.


When you’re trying to decide how to organize a closet, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of storage options. Some are better than others for certain sizes of rooms or areas, but there are plenty of different sizes available as well. Use these options to get the most space for whatever you’re storing. Remember that closets aren’t always just places to put clothes. They can also be great places to store toys and holiday decorations, too.