Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry

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June 5, 2018
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August 10, 2018
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Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry

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No matter what size your kitchen is, it’s easy for the pantry to become cluttered. If you’re already working with limited space, it can be frustrating trying to sort through the mess. Here are some tips to help you organize your pantry.

1. Use clear storage containers. Get those boxes and bags out of the way by emptying the contents into clear containers or jars, and then marking them with labels or a permanent marker. This will not only make items easier to spot and grab, but it will also leave more room for other items.

Take your organization skills one step further by placing all similar items into clear bins, such as soup cans, spices, tea bags, etc. Make sure these are labeled, too!

2. Install door racks. If the shelves are already full, try installing storage racks onto the inside of your pantry door. The shelves can be used for clear containers while the racks can be used for other boxes or bags, or whatever else didn’t fit on the shelves.

A great idea is putting the items you use often during the week in these racks. By implementing this method, all you have to do is open the door and grab.

3. Purchase a storage cart. This is the best option for those who either don’t have a pantry in their kitchen or the pantry is simply too small for storage containers. A storage cart is perfect for holding items while keeping them organized. Of course, it’s best to keep the items you use most during the week in the cart for easy access.

4. Utilize extra cabinet space if available. If you have some extra space in your kitchen cabinets, use it!

5. Build open shelves in your kitchen. Open shelves are great for small kitchens, especially if there’s no room for extra doors.