What Should A Cleaning Lady Do?

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October 24, 2019
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What Should A Cleaning Lady Do?

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Sometimes, caring for a home can be downright overwhelming. After long workdays, caring for children or family members, cooking meals and paying bills, who has any time or energy left to clean? Reducing stress is essential to living a healthy life and if that means an extra pair of hands around the house, then a cleaning lady is worth every penny. What does a cleaning lady do? Let’s take it room by room.


Bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs but have no fear that after your cleaning lady is done, it will be spotless. Tub and tiled showers are scrubbed to remove mold and mildew. The toilet area cleaned both inside and out often with a bleach product to whiten the area and remove stains. Light organization of cabinets or countertops may be performed.


Bedrooms are supposed to be a clean, pristine sanctuary where you can relax at night on crisp sheets. This is possible with a cleaning lady. Changing of sheets and covers and making the bed neatly is standard. Clearing any clutter, perhaps folding some clothes left strewn on the floor and certainly vacuuming whatever is lurking under that bed is what you’ll be thankful for.


The kitchen is often the hub of the home and can get pretty dirty with everyday use. Counters certainly need to be wiped down, as well as the outside of cabinets and drawers. Any tables or islands will be treated much the same way. Similar to the bathroom, any space in the kitchen that needs light organization, it will receive it– such as the inside of the fridge or any pantry that seems to be spilling over. The sink is normally emptied and the dishwasher loaded or unloaded.

Other Rooms

Any other game rooms, living rooms or family rooms are attacked mostly the same way.
Whole house tasks include vacuuming and dusting. Cleaning under furniture, on ladders to dust light fixtures and fans are standard protocol. After vacuuming, floors are mopped and this is often the last task so they can dry with no one in the house.

Organizing and putting away children’s toy areas, straightening pillows and blankets on couches are what you can expect. Neatness and cleanliness are what is strived for. As far as windows, they will be wiped to remove any fingerprints and smudges along with any other glass doors in the home. Any wood furniture in the home may be polished using a special cleaner.

Deeper cleaning tasks can always be requested. Perhaps you need help with a few loads of laundry or need your curtains to be washed. Don’t be afraid to ask what specific services your cleaning lady provides. Communicate clearly what your needs are.

When you sit down that night and look around after your cleaning lady is through, you will be happy to enjoy a home that is clean and tidy and thankful you hired that pair of extra helping hands.